received_1780256895520353Kitten Gray
Kitten Gray is a full time wife, mother, entrepreneur, cheerleader, wrapologist and author from Chicago. She along with her daughter/ business partner, Attia Gray, plan to impact the lives of over 1 million women of all races, creeds, and colors through the art of head wrapping. Stepping out of her comfort zone, in November of 2015, to attend the WeRock conference in Atlanta, Georgia has influenced her to courageously walk in her GOD given purpose. She never imagined that less than a year later that she would be an ambassador for WeRock. As she climbs to new heights in business and collaborations, she will never loose site of the Angels who took her hand and didn’t let go Edeline Francois-Dryden of WeRock, Tarra MsMadammoney Jackson of Boss Brunch, Taurea Vision Avant of Show Your Success Workshops and Sasha Espada of Royal Vision Voyage. Kitten has chosen to live a life Action and Gratitude. Which is why her personal mantra is “My Gratitude Keeps Me Joyful”.

Attia Gray
Since the tender age of 12, Attia Gray has aspired to combine her love for water and animals into one life long career. She is currently pursuing a Marine Science degree at Savannah State University as well as minoring in Aquarium Science. Her lifelong goal is to become a Marine Mammal Trainer and open her own non-for-profit which brings sea life to under privileged communities. At only the age of 18 her and her mother began to establish their own business which is still growing strong today. Now that she 19 she is well on her path while of inspiring others. This young authors ambitions will not stop here, she continues to find new ways to lift and assist her community. Whenever she feels lost she reminds herself to “Shoot for the stars and you’ll never fall short of the moon”.